If you enjoy fishing on a river or  lake, biosecurity is an important part of your routine. Invasive plants and invertebrates can hitch a ride of your equipment and if they are moved to a different body of water, they could establish themselves and have a disastrous effect on the native flora and fauna. Preventing this is easy: just Check, Clean and Dry.


Check all equipment and clothing for living organisms (plants and invertebrates). Pay particular attention to areas that are damp or hard to inspect.

Clean and wash  all equipment, clothes and footwear thoroughly. If you can, use hot water. If you come across any organisms, leave them at the body of water where you found them.

Dry everything thoroughly (we recommend at least 48h).  Some species can survive in damp conditions for many days.

For further information see CHECK CLEAN DRY
Thanks to WCRT.


Thanks to WCRT.